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My name is Natalia Diaz and I am a scriptwriter and filmmaker. I teach screenwriting and documentary at international film schools. For more than 30 years, I have traveled and lived in different countries of Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

This experience has brought me to ways of seeing and feeling life different to mine, and has allowed me to share and exchange knowledge with people and communities far in geography, but close in heart. I have found that the world is immensely small and that we are all more united than we suspect. That the biggest generosity shows where less possessions are and that trust and mutual respect are a plant with firm roots and necessary to grow. In my work as storyteller, I've listened to wonderful stories, and in my work as teacher, I have learned much more than I have taught. But above all, I've seen how people are able to construct, with their little daily struggle, a space of freedom and understanding that today we need to know it is possible to achieve. It is not necessary to search big to create greatness because, as the proverb goes, "big oaks from little seeds grow ".


I believe that everyone, from our little scope of action, has an enormous power to change things and I think that to know us united and accompanied on this journey of life is what makes us strong and helps us to overcome the fear. For this reason, and from my small professional arena, I try to cultivate those things in which I believe. And I encourage everyone to do so and to never give up at nothing.