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Amelia (76), a Spanish human rights activist, travels to Guatemala in 2013 to participate in the commemoration of the death of Bishop Juan José Gerardi Conedera, murdered in 1998. Together with her, and through witnesses of a past time as well as present, we discover a country that is striving to rebuild its badly shattered social fabric; men and women who demand the end of impunity, fear and coercion. This feature-length documentary will hover us to the lives of a deeply religious people, to whom an era of terror has failed to stop their fight to vindicate their history and their memory.

Indigenous assembly 2 from NATALIA DÍAZ on Vimeo.

Amelia began collaborating in a project of Recovery of Historical Memory (REMHI) under the supervision of the Office for Human Rights of the Archbishopric of Guatemala (ODHAG) in 1996. Numerous religious and laity men and women were doing an essential work in the country, shaken and torn by 36 years of internal war, in which civilian populations of peasants and indigenous peoples were an essential part of the objective of the pitiless military crackdown. At the end of 1996, the Government of Guatemala and the Guatemalan Guerrillas signed the "Peace Agreement Accords for a firm and lasting peace". But things did not change from one day to another. Impunity and fear persisted. Today, they continue their work, they are one among many striving to carry off the country, everybody together: peasants, workers, women and men.

We need to know that there are people fighting for what they believe and we need to get a touch of their strength and their hope.