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Those of us who, for one reason or another, have had contact with the beautiful country of Guatemala and get to know its people and some of its recent history, can’t help thinking of the substrate of cruelty and injustice that lies beyond its tourist attractions. The country is promoted as a place of recreation, anchored in its eternal spring: picturesque natives, stunning lakes and mountains, breathtaking Mayan temples... It seems as if this territory would not be inhabited by people, a majority of which - indigenous Maya and mestizos – live, to our days, impoverished and marginalized. A population that has suffered for decades the persecution of dictatorships and Governments that perpetuated the meaning of the words “terror”, “abuse” and “oppression”.

We have asked ourselves, what can we do to help knock down this wall of unknowing? A film that exposes the truth behind could be a step. Our tools are small, we are far in distance, and mass media do not speak of it. But we know that an image is what makes us believe, that a voice and a word may become etched in our minds forever.

And we hope that this effort may become a small seed.

El Pueblo